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Only satisfied customers at Bontex since 1967 !

Are you looking for:

  • A vector+raster application to energize your new collection ?
  • An affordable and easy CAD system for pattern design and grading ?
  • A textile software for fabric simulation, colorway and 3D modeling ?
  • A Digital Asset Manager to archive and share over the web all your digital resources ?
  • An ink-jet textile digital printer for your in-house printed fabric sampling and production ?
  • A revolutionary "all in one" photo studio to enhance your products with 360° and 3D animations ?
  • An interactive catalog ?

At Bontex you will find the best software and service selection to satisfy your needs. Bontex is a reference in advanced software and integrated solutions for the apparel and textile industry. From our Milan offices, with a qualified and specialized staff, we develop and sell from over 30 years a complete line of professional solutions for the industry, free lancers and education.

StyleOffice - graphic suite for fashion sketching


StyleOffice is a complete vector and raster graphic software package to draw from A to Z full garment colletions, including colorways and technical sheets. Thanks its short learning curve, StyleOfffice can be adopted at any time, thanks our customized online learning courses. Ideal both for large companies style office needs as also for small companies and free lance looking for an affordable fast and precise tool to get his collections ready overnight when necessary. 

PolyPattern - Pattern design & marker

PolyPatternTopThe first thing you'll notice about PolyPattern is that there are few objects on the screen. That's because PolyPattern, from pattern design and grading to automatic marker making, offers thoughtfully designed tools, advanced features, and intelligent automation that ensure that you work quickly and efficiently, with perfect ease and precision. The result is a working environment with truly accessible functionality - you'll use all of PolyPattern's features, because you'll know how to.

For your business that means...

  • You will save time in all aspects of pattern and marker making
  • You'll save fabric from AutoMarker optimizations.
  • You will avoid production bottlenecks by designing your patterns directly in PolyPattern, resulting in:
  • production-ready pattern data at the same time as the sample development
  • quick and accurate fabric costing, so that the right amount of fabric is ordered.

360° product presentation boosts your business

OrbitVu smallThis is a complete, easy-to use system for producing 360º interactive product presentations and distributing them online. It takes care of every step of the process, from object rotation and image sequence capture, through editing, to presentation export and publishing to a web server.
A load-bearing, motor-driven turntable supports your product and rotates it precisely 360° in front of your digital camera so a photo can be taken at each angle. There are different sizes of turntable for products of different dimensions. Our equipment works alongside standard photo studio equipment and lighting.

The world’s first compact photo studio with automatic background removal, capable of shooting 2D, 360° and 3D product images and beaming them straight in front of your clients. Taking advantage of the latest technologies, the automatic image processing and background removal tools are made to be simple to use, so everyone can create high quality packshots faster and easier than ever before.

Ajaris WebSuite 5 - Digital Asset Management

Schema Ajaris

Are you looking for a solution fitting your role inside the organization, or are you interested in examples and references from your industry?  Ajaris WebSuite 5 Digital Asset Management solutions can help you save time and money by organizing your digital assets

Planche-contactWhether you are a Photographer, Graphical Designer or Press Office executive, you rely on immediate access to your images, presentations, logos, artwork, and documents. With Ajaris WebSuite managine your digital assets and making them searchable is quick and easy. Every business where there’s a need to organize documents, presentations, pictures, videos, PDFs and other digital material can benefit from a digital asset management system from Ajaris WebSuite 5. Our customers range from the freestanding photographer to multinational corporations. What they have in common is a need to organize their digital assets in such a way that users can easily retrieve them when they're required.

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